5 Reasons Why you should NOT get a Shih Tzu Puppy
  • 28.10.2022
  • 18092

I loved my shih tzu Missy so much. She was definitely a high maintenance dog though!!! You'll probably be seeing a groomer often. These dogs will melt your heart, but they are not for everybody. This video is very well done and I think you should listen to his advice.

Little shih tzu had diarrhea
  • 27.10.2022
  • 923

Every dog suffers from diarrhea at one time or another. Kika is no exception. Our little Shih Tzu had a rough day with many potty breaks (soft stool, tummy aches...etc.) But thankfully we knew a few tricks to stop and treat diarrhea at home quickly with the right diet. Kika enjoyed a day of pumpkin paste, sweet potato treats and lots of love and rest.

Yorkie puppy attack my baby boy.
  • 23.10.2022
  • 2391

The scourge sweeping America is at it again. Our innocent young son is savagely attacked by this bloodthirsty beast. The authorities are helpless against this menace. By the time the local PD showed up the miniature terror was on to it's next victim. People I beg of you, don't let this savagery continue. The Yorkie threat must be eliminated. Go to my new channel!

5 things you must never do to your shih tzu dog
  • 22.10.2022
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So adorable Shih Tzu dogs

Home Alone Puppy | Shih Tzu
  • 21.10.2022
  • 2759

How is it possible to ever leave this dog alone? Cutest thing ever

WORST Dog Condition I've EVER Seen I FULLY MATTED (With Fleas and Ticks)
  • 11.10.2022
  • 7901

I bet she feels amazing. Air on her skin, parasites removed, being able to see. So nice.

3 Adorable Shih Tzu Puppies | So playful
  • 09.10.2022
  • 3738

Omg! Their cuteness is incomparable!

Shih Tzu Growing Up | Day 1 to Week 8 | Puppy Transformation | TOO CUTE
  • 06.10.2022
  • 907

Aww, so cute!!! They really do grow up so fast but they become more adorable the older they get.

Furry Duo Ring the Bells for Treats
  • 06.10.2022
  • 1444

Really love it when they ring the bells. So adorable!🌞🐶

Shih tzu Puppy Knows How to Beg for Food- It's Cuteness Overload
  • 04.10.2022
  • 7818

They are adorable and so hard to resist giving them whatever they want while they are cared for.

A beautiful haircuts shih tzu
  • 02.10.2022
  • 1691

I believe this is what is referred to as a "Puppy Cut" style for the breed, whereas the show style involves a longer length with a top knot that looks quite gorgeous as well (very hard to do). As many of you will test that are owners of one like me, They are great companion dogs. Mine was fiesty as well when it came time for a bath and a grooming session. One of the things I did was from the time he was a pup he received a lot of what I call grooming tool training. I would pet and massage him but I would also introduce the tools and get him used to those. for example, the clipper machine would be running but I would just rub the clippers to his body without cutting hair so he understood what it felt like and that it would not hurt him.I did the same with nail cutting from an early age. I loved the puppy cut because I didn't show him for starters and he seemed much more comfortable with it. and second because the hair they have knots up quite easy and they can look like little hobos quite quickly. I have seen a comment mentioned a Tasmanian devel mine was that dog if he went to the groomer. Although I did find one that was amazing with dogs and he did much better. I would avoid the chain places that due to cuts such as PetSmart and find a more personalized private grooming place but that is me. Hope these tips help you all for those seeking some tips.

Adorable Puppy has her Own Bed Ramp
  • 13.09.2022
  • 5187

Look at her. So adorable I love the little ramp, she really felt great when she made it to the top

Shih Tzu Puppies after the first bath
  • 12.09.2022
  • 1051

After they took their 1st ever bath (since birth), here are the new look of our puppies. Fluffier than ever!