I Taught My Dog to Smile
  • 14.08.2022
  • 374

Sitting here smiling like Max every time he smiles 😁Thanks for making this vid 🙏

Little Chihuahua protects and takes care Baby | Dog is the best nanny of Baby
  • 13.08.2022
  • 1199

I will never understand how people do hurt dogs... or even kill and eat them. Dogs are not only animals, they can feel your emotions. They do understand, love and protect you. I think dogs are wonderful creatures ❤️

Why does your Shih Tzu stare at You?
  • 11.08.2022
  • 1252

Does your Shih Tzu stare at you quite often? Well, mine does it too. But Why? We will find out in this video of Shih Tzu Care.

OMG Two Adorable Shih Tzu Puppies | So playful
  • 10.08.2022
  • 979

Two puppies playing with ball TOOOOOOOOOO CUTE ❤❤❤

Chihuahua Puppy Barks At Bigger Dog
  • 07.08.2022
  • 1674

This plucky little pooch definitely has a bark worse than his bite, angrily yapping at a much bigger dog. The young chihuahua had just arrived at the house when he noticed the older dog standing in the living room. The puppy, named Rooney, barked angrily at the Aspin, named Man U, at the house in Bangkok, Thailand, last Wednesday (21/08). OwnerSiriwan Jaiwung, 23,who is a Manchester United fan, said: ''He might be small but he's definitely brave.''

Will Scarlett the Shih Tzu Be Awarded the Next “Hero Dog”?
  • 06.08.2022
  • 867

Is little Scarlett the hero we all need right now? The 6-year-old Shih Tzu is up for the 2021 American Hero Dog Awards. The shelter pup was rescued by her human, Michelle Smith, just a single day before she was set to be euthanized. Scarlett is also living with Spina Bifida. “She’s just a little spitfire, she is happy all the time, just a bundle of joy.” Inside Edition Digital’s Stephanie Officer has the details. #InsideEdition

Shih tzu Puppy Performs 10 Tricks as He Turns 10 Months Old ( Cute & Funny Dog Video)
  • 05.08.2022
  • 743

Borgy the Shih Tzu happily performs 10 tricks as he turns 10 months old today

Baby Dogs - Cute and Funny Dog Videos Compilation #3 | Aww Animals
  • 03.08.2022
  • 1165

Baby dogs are amazing creature because they are the cutest and most funny. You will fail to try not to laugh when you are watching funny baby dogs. This is the cutest and best video ever. It is funny and cute!

16-Year-Old Dog Steals Her Foster Dad's Heart | Ruff Life With Lee Asher
  • 02.08.2022
  • 640

When this little 16-year-old dog starts trotting to keep up with her foster family.

Cutest Shih Tzu Puppy
  • 01.08.2022
  • 1100

He is sooo cute. I love his mellow energy. What a good and sweet boy.

Yorkie puppy attack my baby boy.
  • 30.07.2022
  • 1327

The scourge sweeping America is at it again. Our innocent young son is savagely attacked by this bloodthirsty beast. The authorities are helpless against this menace. By the time the local PD showed up the miniature terror was on to it's next victim. People I beg of you, don't let this savagery continue. The Yorkie threat must be eliminated. Go to my new channel!

Shih Tzu Puppies Eats Vanilla Ice Cream!!! (FIRST TIME)
  • 29.07.2022
  • 423

Awwww this is sooo cute I didn’t know they could have ice cream

Goin' Back to the Vet | Cute & Funny Shih Tzu Dog Video
  • 27.07.2022
  • 1704

Borgy the Shih Tzu can't help but feels afraid to visit the vet. What will the do next?

Shih tzu puppy is crying
  • 23.07.2022
  • 2551

They are so cute it brings a tear to my eyes.